How Are Arbiter Products Used?

Precision Timing Solutions

Precision timing solutions can be applied in multiple markets, including electrical utility applications, IT Infrastructure (IP network timing), the telecom industry, frequency control and distribution, and laboratory testing and measurement systems. Common applications include:

  • Synchrophasor measurement and analysis

    Model 1133A is an IEEE C37.118 compatible PMU (Phasor Measurement Unit) device capable of measuring synchrophasors with high precision, and analyzing data based on the power measurement functions included in the device.
  • NTP Server

    Most Arbiter® GPS Satellite controlled clocks support Network Time Protocol (NTP), making them ideal as master clock servers in complex IT and Telecom environments.
  • Event Timing, End to End Relay Testing, and Fault Detection

    With multiple clocks placed strategically within the power grid, Arbiter® products provide the fundamental measurement and event capture capabilities to analyze, detect and reconstruct system performance issues.

Arbiter Systems® includes support for these and other custom applications.

Solutions for the Power Grid

The value of time synchronization is best seen by understanding that the power grid is a single, complex and interconnected system. What happens in one part of the grid affects operation elsewhere. Understanding, and possibly controlling, these interactions requires a means to compare what is happening at one place and time with that happening at other places and times. Precise time and high-speed communications in the substation are the enabling technologies which make this practical.

Precise, reliable time is now available at reasonable cost to users worldwide. In the power industry, engineers have made use of precise time in numerous applications to:

  • Improve reliability
  • Reduce costs
  • Better understand power system operation
  • Predict and prevent system-wide faults
  • Test and verify operation of protective devices

Time-Code Distribution can present a variety of challenges. Obstacles can include high electromagnetic interference environments, long distances, or converting signals between copper and fiber-optic cabling. Arbiter's series of adapters are designed for solving these and other challenges.

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