Model 1095 Firmware Update

Name : 1095_Firmware
Version : 16Mar2017
Released : 16 March 2017


Updates are not security related.

  1. Update Daylight Saving Time (DST)  pending bit in IRIG-B with IEEE 1344 enabled to start one second into the minute (xx:xx:01) prior to the change.  Before this change the bit was set at the top of the minute, xx:xx:00.
  2. Leap second fixes:
    1. Correctly test for and apply leap seconds
    2. Correctly calculate SBS value at leap second application
    3. Leap-second pending bit in IRIG-B IEEE 1344 output set at proper time and for the proper duration.
    4. The leap second message request updated to only happen the last minute of each month
    5. Correcting end of year leap second response.

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