Options - Option 17A Second RS-232 Port (1088B)

Summary Information

Adds a second RS-232 channel with a 9-pin male D-subminiature connector. Available on the Model 1088B.

Full Description

Option 17A for the Model 1088B adds a second RS-232C port, allowing communications and control via a 9-pin connector on the rear panel.


All commands which are available for the main RS-232C port on the Model 1088B may be used with Option 17A. A list of commands is located in the back of the operation manual.

RS-232 Pinout

NOTE: These pins may be programmed at customer request, for example, for modem or printer control. In the standard unit, they have no function. The pinout of the RS-232 connector is as follows:

  • Pin 1 No Connection
  • Pin 2 Receive Data input (RXD)
  • Pin 3 Transmit Data output (TXD)
  • Pin 4 RS-232 Aux. Output1
  • Pin 5 Signal Common
  • Pin 6 RS-232 Aux. Input1
  • Pin 7 RS-232 Aux. Output1
  • Pin 8 RS-232 Aux. Input1
  • Pin 9 No Connection
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