Options - Option 93 Out-of-lock Relay 1 Form C SPDT

Summary Information

Adds a relay (Form C) and 3-pole terminal strip on the rear panel. Available on the Models 1092 and 1093.

Full Description

Option 93 adds a single form-C single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) relay, activated by the out-of-lock signal. This is a fail-safe relay, which is in the faulted condition with power off. The rear-panel terminal strip provides external connection.

This relay is energized when the clock is locked to the GPS system. The relay is in the Alarm state when not locked to GPS or power is off.

Contact Rating (Resistive)
Maximum switching power: 60 W, 62.5 VA
Maximum switching voltage: 220 Vdc, 250 Vac
Maximum switching current: 2 A
Maximum carrying current: 3 A

Example: Contact rating at 100 Vrms/dc is 0.6 A.

Expected Life (Minimum Operations)
Mechanical: 1 x 108
Electrical (1 A 30 Vdc): 5 x 105
Electrical (2 A 30 Vdc): 1 x 105
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