Options - Option 18 Self-Monitor, IRIG-B Distribution System and Redundant Control with Second RS-232 Port

Summary Information

Provides a separate IRIG-B distribution bus with self-monitoring capabilities. Available on the Model 1088B.

Full Description

Designed primarily for power substations or wherever unattended operation with time-code distribution in the presence of high noise levels is needed. In addition, a redundant timing system may be built using the Redundant Clock Control/Second RS-232 Interface. Additional details are available in the Model 1088B user Manual.

Option 18 for the Model 1088B adds several capabilities to the clock, which are often used in systems applications. These capabilities include:

  • An IRIG-B distribution bus amplifier that drives dozens of loads over distances of hundreds of meters
  • A fault monitor that expands the ability of the Model 1088B to detect internal faults and provides two form-C (SPDT) fail-safe relay contact sets to indicate the Unlocked and Fault conditions. These relay contacts are for connection to external equipment such as a digital fault recorder.
  • A second serial (RS-232) port, which can be used as a status event logger, for a broadcast time output, to connect to a second computer; or as a redundant clock interface allowing two Model 1088B clocks to be interconnected to form a redundant timing system.


IRIG-B Distribution Bus

  • Output Connector: Pluggable terminal strip, 5mm centers.
  • Loads: 24, minimum, with Model 10882A load taps.
  • Bus Length: Limited by bus configuration; will drive 500 m (1500 ft.) of #18 AWG twisted-pair cable in a linear configuration. Delay Less than 100 microseconds, typical; depends on loading and bus configuration.
  • Output Level, Tap Output: 6.4-11 Vpp, open-circuit; 3.2-5.5 Vpp, into 600 ohm load.

Fault Monitor

  • Indication: Via rear-panel relay, front-panel display, or serial port.
  • IRIG-B Distribution: Three fault modes will generate an alarm: Any break in the distribution bus; A short circuit or load impedance below 50 ohms; Any loss of the IRIG-B drive signal.
  • Processor: Watchdog violation or other reset condition.
  • Power Supply: 5 volt, + 12 volt and - 12 volt supplies out of limits.

Redundant Clock Control Interface

  • Interconnect: Using Arbiter Systems P/N CA0017200 cable assembly.
  • Communications: Uses RS-232 port and two dedicated hardware lines.


Two, form-C (SPDT), fail-safe (in faulted position with power off).

  • Contact Rating: 130 Vdc at 0.3 A;24 Vdc at 1 A.
  • Function: Unlocked (energized when locked to satellites);Fault (energized when no fault conditions present).

Associated Products

  • Model 10882A IRIG-B Distribution Tap
  • Model 10883A IRIG-B Distribution Bus Splitter
  • Model 10884A IRIG-B Distribution Bus Terminator
  • Model 10885A IRIG-B Distribution Redundant Ring Adapter


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