Options - Option E01 Four Configurable Outputs

Summary Information

Adds four more individually-buffered BNC outputs, jumper-selectable to any signal available on the clock Main Board.

Full Description

Order number E01 adds four rear-panel outputs, which may be configured to any available signal in the 1201B/C clock. Note that there are more signal settings (jumpers) on the E01 board than the 1201B/C is capable of providing. The configuration of the four outputs can be changed at any time via internal jumper settings.



  • Output Connectors: BNC-type RF connectors (4).

Analog Outputs Supported by the 1201B/C

  • Output Type Operational amplifier (LF353) output, with 557-ohm series resistor.
  • IRIG-B, Modulated: IRIG format B time code, modulated onto 1 kHz 10 Vpp sinewave carrier.

Digital Outputs Supported by the 1201B/C

  • Output Type: High-Speed CMOS (74HC126), 0 V to 5 V, with 47 ohm series resistance and ± 75 mA drive capability.
  • IRIG-B: IRIG format B time code (unmodulated).
  • 1 PPS: (10 ms "high"), synchronous to 1 PPS/GPS.
  • Programmable: Outputs a single pulse at a preprogrammed time, or a continuous pulse train having a period of one day or less. Pulse width is adjustable from 0.01 seconds to 600 seconds.
  • Out-of-Lock: Normally "HI" after acquisition of satellite signals. Toggles "LO" nn minutes after loss of satellite signal lock. Range for "nn" is 00 minutes to 99 minutes, and is set using the SETUP menu or RS-232C (refer to clock Operation Manual). Setting of 00 disables this function (output remains "HI"). This output follows the standard "Out-of-Lock" function on the clock.
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