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Model 1084A/B/C - with three versions to choose from - features the highest precision (40 ns) with powerful configuration options.

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June 5, 2014
Model 1094B Firmware Update
Name : 1094_Firmware
Version : 04Jun2014
Released : 04 June 2014
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March 18, 2014
Model 1094B Firmware Update
Name : 1094_Firmware
Version : 30Jul2013
Released : 30 July 2013
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January 22, 2014
Model 1094B Software Update
Name : 1094_Utility
Version : 22Jan2014 Rev
Released : 22 January 2014
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November 27, 2013
Model 928A Document Update
Name : Model 928A Manual
Version : K
Released : 07 November 2013
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November 27, 2013
Model 1093 Document Update
Name : Model 1092A/B/C/1093A/B/C User Manual
Version : AE
Released : 07 November 2013
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Industry News

June 23, 2014
Alstom Board Chooses GE Offer
Alstom Board of Directors has unanimously decided to positively recommend GE’s offer to acquire the Power and Grid businesses of Alstom.
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June 19, 2014
Amid Blackouts, India's New Leader Vows 24-7 Power for All
Blackouts this week in New Delhi and surrounding states are providing a dramatic backdrop for a bold promise by India's new prime minister.
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May 19, 2014
British Military Seeks A Hack-Proof, Quantum Physics-Based GPS
The U.K.'s Ministry of Defense is investing "millions of pounds" in quantum location technology, the Financial Times reports. Such a "quantum compass" would be 1,000 times more accurate than any systems today and much more difficult to hack than GPS.
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Timing Signals Overview

Basic information about timing signals and how to connect them to your IEDs. Common questions concerning connecting timing signals include:
• What are the different types of IRIG-B, and what are the differences?
• How do you connect multiple devices to one timing output?
• How far can you transmit timing signals?
• What kind of cabling and connectors should I use?

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